MLB Red Sox at Rangers Moneyline Jun-25-2016

MLB: Boston at Texas

Team Performance Analysis for Moneylines

Game Time:9:20 PM

We analyze the historical team performance for Texas and Boston . The overall team performance trends can be used to analyze Moneylines.

Trends help find the hot and cold teams. “Hot” teams have strength and have been beating their opponents while cold teams have been weak and losing.

Win-Loss Trends:

Texas =LOST 1
Boston =WON 2

We search for winning(up) trends and losing (down) trends that provide sports betting opportunities.

In the last 20 games of historical trend performance of the two teams TEX has been outperforming BOS.

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The below chart is the historical lines for each team:
MLB Moneyline Odds History

The below chart is the historical scores for each team:
MLB ScoresHere are the scores combined:

MLB Combined Scores

Here is a chart of each team’s opponents:MLB Opponent Scores